Aesthetic Dentistry

What does cosmetic/ aesthetic dentistry means?

The cosmetic dentistry procedures in Madurai is a highly trending part of dentistry which mainly focuses on improving the dental and aesthetic facial appearance of a person. Nowadays people are very concerned about their looks and smile which can be enhanced by some cosmetic procedures.

What are the common procedures in aesthetic dentistry ?

There are different types of available in Zaara we follow the international protocol for giving you the best smile makeovers. It depends on individual diagnosis and also patient’s main concern is taken into account. Some of the Cosmetic dentistry procedure include

  • 1. Gum contouring
  • 2. Teeth whitening
  • 3. Veneering
  • 4. Teeth reshaping
  • 5. Smile contouring.

What is gum contouring?

Gum contouring is usually done in patients with excessive gingival display. In Cosmetic dentistry procedure the excessive gum tissue is removed and the gums are reshaped to provide a good-looking gum line. It can also be done in case of gingival recession conditions. It is totally an elective procedure and usually completed in one or two visits. Gum contouring is done by cosmetic specialist at Zaara dental madurai.

Teeth whitening ?

In this modern era, everyone are highly cautious about the looks and also the shade of their teeth. People wishes to have their teeth like a shining sparkle. Teeth whitening procedures are the most commonly performed ones among the other Cosmetic dentistry procedures in Madurai . It is recommended in patients who have inherited tooth stains or may be done in people who wish to have a brighter appearance of their teeth. In this method, certain bleaching agents are used which helps to remove the stains present in the tooth and gives a whiter appearance. Teeth whitening at Zaara dental is of international protocol which can be either office bleach (or) a home bleach.

Can anyone perform teeth whitening?

Not all people are ideal for undergoing teeth whitening. It can only be performed in those people who have healthy gums and sound tooth structure, devoid of any kind of restorations. People who have teeth sensitivity and gum diseases should defer from performing teeth whitening procedures. Also the brides before marriage are a perfect candidate for bridal smile make overs at Zaara dental.

What is meant by veneering ?

Veneering is an Treatment aesthetic dentistry procedure done to cover the facial or outer surface of the tooth to aid in better appearance of the tooth. Dental veneers are thin like an eggshell and totally custom made. It covers only the facial surface of the tooth to mask the underlying defect present in the tooth and it is done at Zaara dental.

Types of dental veneers?

Dental veneers are mostly made of porcelain. It can also be made from resin composite materials. Porcelain veneers has a greater advantage when compared to resins. Porcelain veneers can resists stains better than resins and also they mimic the reflecting properties of natural tooth.

When can a veneer be indicated?

Veneers are widely indicated to mask stained tooth in aesthetic zones. It can also be given in cases of worned out tooth (or) chipped tooth, dental fluorosis conditions, to correct the irregularly shaped tooth into proper perfect shape and also to close mild small gaps between the teeth.

Benefits of dental veneers ?

Veneers preserve the most amount of tooth structure, and very mild tooth preparation is needed for its placement. They can improve the appearance of your teeth, and gum tissues respond well to dental veneers. The shade of veneer can be matched to individual’s natural tooth shade, in order to provide excellent Treatment aesthetic dentistry results.

Under which situations should i replace my veneer?

Dental veneers are usually made of porcelain which is very strong and does not breaks under normal circumstances. A veneer may need replacement if it gets chipped off due to heavy occlusal forces or in case of gum recession, the root of the tooth may be exposed and patients may require new veneers to cover the roots. With proper maintenance of oral health, dental veneers made at Zaara dental usually lasts for a longer time.

In which cases veneers are not indicated?

Veneers are not indicated in conditions where the patients have extensive tooth decays and it is not given in people with parafunctional habits like teeth grinding or nail biting. Because these habits can create internal stress build up and may lead to cracking or chipping out of a veneer.

How do i care a veneer?

They do not require any special care other than regular brushing, flossing, and proper follow ups to your Dentist. If they are properly cared, then they can last much longer. It is advisable to get done professional cleanings every 6 months and routine follow ups. If u get a veneer then stop doing certain things like fork nibbling, nail biting, opening bags (or) pulling on clothing with teeth and anything that will put undue stress on the veneers.

Cost of aesthetic smile-makeover (or) veneers?

Cosmetic dentistry cost in Madurai would range from rs.1000/- to rs.20, 000/- at Zaara dental based on the treatment sessions and condition prevailing.

Dental Jewellery

Most of the people love to wear jewels and accessories to look elegant and pretty. Nowadays, it is even possible to add jewellery onto your tooth to have a sparkling smile on your face. Dental jewellery is one of the cosmetic procedures and it is a new accessory in trend making your smile to be more unique and fashionable. The selection of tooth onto which the jewel is to be attached is left to patient’s choice. It will last from 1- 6 weeks if you prefer to option for a temporary placement. If you prefer to have a semi-permanent placement, your tooth jewel will stay on until you decide to remove it.the various oral jewellery practiced today are grill jewellery, dazzlers and twinkles, veneer jewellery, tooth rings, tongue studs, lip studs, lip rings, cheek studs, etc. Tooth jewellery was in use earlier as a part of the religious rituals and traditions, but today it is more concentrated on cosmetic function. At Zaara dental clinic we do dental jewellery at very Cosmetic dentistry prices and create a new style to your teeth.

Gum de-pigmentation:

In wide range of groups the usual colour of gums or gingiva is coral pink. But in some individuals the colour of gums may appear darker than usual. It is due to excessive production of melanin in the underlying gingival tissues which causes the gums to appear black of brown instead of pink. The darker gums are completely normal and do not indicate any disease or dysfunction. People usually seek treatment for aesthetic concern to lighten the colour of their gums. The process by which the gums can be lightened is called gum depigmentation or gum bleaching is done at Zaara dental. Mostly it is done with laser technology. Laser gum depigmentation vaporizes and removes a thin top layer of the gum tissue, destroying the melanin producing cells. During healing period a new tissue formation occurs which tends to appear pink rather than the previous brown or black colour. The treatment may require a local anaesthetic injection and has a short recovery time with manageable discomfort. Sometimes, depending upon the colour and depth of the dark patch, it could take several sessions to achieve the desired degree of lightening.

Tooth re-contouring :

Tooth recontouring is usually done in people who wishes to alter their existing tooth shape and structure. It is also referred to as odontoplasty, enameloplasty or stripping of teeth. The procedure involves removing small amounts of tooth enamel in order to change the tooth’s shape, surface, or length. It may be used to correct crooked or excessively long teeth, small chips, or to alter the shape, length, or position of teeth. Tooth contouring and reshaping is best for patients who need small adjustments or repairs to improve the aesthetic appearance of their teeth. It is simple procedure which can create a highly impactful cosmetic results.

Smile designing :

Among various kinds of emotions, smile is one of the commonly used expression to share the positive vibes when we meet people. Everyone wants to have a pleasing and attractive smile to look better in photos. If a person wishes to change his/her smile to appear even better aesthetically then he/she can opt for smile designing aesthetic procedures. Artistically, a smile can be designed to get a pretty naturally looking smile, satisfying all the preferences of an individual. This procedure is usually recommended by dentists in patients suffering from dental problems like tooth decaying, tooth loosening, stains, and missing tooth to enhance their dental appearance. An attractive beautiful looking smile not only satisfies aesthetic purposes but also boosts up a person’s confidence in the way they look. At Zaara we follow a Digital smile designing.