Artificial Teeth Price In Paramakudi

What is the Artificial teeth price in Paramakudi?

Artificial teeth price in Paramakudi from 15,000/- to 50,000/- per implants based on the condition and cost of fixed dentures starts from 1 lakh to 5 lakhs based on number of implant screws & type of denture selected.

Is there any speciality for denture making or tooth building?

Yes, denture making (or) tooth preparation comes under the speciality prosthodontics, we at Zaara have a strong team of wonderful prosthodontist to serve the best to our patients.

For the better efficiency and durability of the artificial teeth , you need to have a prior consultation with a prosthodontist regarding the selection of type of prosthesis that will better aid you in proper function of the prosthesis.

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Dental hospital in Paramakudi

Zaara Dental hospital in Paramakudi has grown rapidly over 50 years since 1967 and is now succeeding with third generation dentists in Paramakudi. It has now established into two different location across Paramakudi, catering to serve more people. Zaara Dental Hospital is a Multi-Speciality Dental hospital in Paramakudi headed by a group of young and enthusiastic Dentists in Paramakudi with a vision of providing the best dental treatments in Paramakudi possible to all our patients. We have experienced doctors who are specialized in various branches of dentistry to serve people to the best of their needs. Each practice is patient-focused and committed to deliver the highest standards of dental care in Paramakudi.