Dental Clinic Root Canal Treatment in Madurai

Dental Clinic Root Canal Treatment in Madurai

An experience of discomfort when you put pressure on the affected tooth, when you chew, and have cold and hot food and drinks. You can be relieved from your symptoms and avoid the need for tooth extraction with a root canal which is technically called endodontic therapy .

What is a root canal treatment?

The procedure of Dental Clinic in Madurai that treats the infections that occur in the root canal of an affected tooth is what the term “root canal” commonly describes as. The hollow section of your tooth that leads from the top of your tooth to the tip of the root, the root canal can also be described. The pulp is contained here as it contains the connective tissue, nerves, and the blood vessels.

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How is a root canal treatment performed ?

It involves at least two visits to the dental hospital in madurai when it comes to the root canal treatment. Your dentist use X-rays to locate the decay at your first appointment. To numb the area with a local anesthetic,dentist in madurai uses a needle. Around the affected tooth to safeguard it from saliva and keep it sanitary throughout the procedure if you will have a small layer of rubber which is known as dental dam is used.

Your dentist will then make a small incision on the surface of the tooth to reach the diseased area within the root after your tooth becomes numb. To remove the damaged and unhealthy pulp, your dentist will use the smaller files.

Your dentist then fills the opening in the top of the tooth with a rubber-like material called the gutta-percha in the last step. This prevents the damage from the saliva and seals the canals. To protect your damaged tooth until it is ready for a permanent crown, a temporary filling is typically applied that can be done through the dental root canal treatment in Madurai.

Specialists of Zaara dental clinic in madurai who expertise in root canal therapy help patients to avoid the tooth extraction. To perform this therapy and achieve the best possible results, our team of best dental doctors in madurai has the experience and the expertise that is required. To make sure that you remain comfortable throughout the procedure and finish with a restored tooth, they offer professional, caring treatment.