kids dentistry in Madurai

What type of dental emergency can happen in a child?

Traumatic injuries are the most common type of dental emergency that can happen in a child. The Traumatic injuries should be treated as early as possible.

The severity of the injury is assessed and treated accordingly. The dental x-ray should be taken to analyse the extent of injury. Mostly commonly involved teeth in Traumatic injuries are maxillary incisors. In case of simple fractures, the sharp edge of the tooth may be smoothened. But if there is any involvement of pulp then root canal treatment (PULPECTOMY) is initiated which is done at Zaara kids dentistry in Madurai .

Is the paediatric treatment painful?

Never at Zaara. We at Zaara Dental Clinic in Madurai are equipped with most advanced painless injection and other machines to give your child a complete painless environment.

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