Root Canals

Is there any option to save the tooth after getting pain?

Yes.. We save the tooth through the golden option…. I.e., Root canals of all teeth treatment .

What is root canal treatment?

Root canals treatment is a procedure done to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or become infected. During a Root canals in mandibular first molar treatment , the nerve and pulp are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed with a bio-compatible material. This will be followed by crown placement to strengthen the tooth.

Is there any specialized doctors for doing rct?

Ofcourse yes...! Endodontist are specialized for performing rct.. We are very pleased to inform that our Zaara Dental Clinic in Madurai has a well talented team of best endodontists in madurai and they are very keen in delivering effective and quality treatment to their patients. Making sure the root canal treatment sustains for a long period of time!

How is root canal performed?

Your dentist will take x-rays to locate the decay at your first appointment. The specific area to be treated is usually numbed by injecting a local anaesthesia for a pain free procedure.

Then a small drill is made on the surface of the tooth to reach the diseased area within the root canal and the affected unhealthy pulp is removed with the help of smaller files, followed by thorough irrigation of the canal with medicaments to create a microbe free environment.

Finally, the Root canals in teeth treatment is filled up with gutta percha and the root canals are sealed off. This prevents the damage from the saliva and seals the canals. To protect your damaged tooth until it is ready for a permanent crown, a temporary filling is typically applied.

Why would I Need a Rct?

Most people would like to save what they have than to lose. Likewise it is better to take up root canal therapy and save your tooth than to intentionally extract it, when a tooth gets decayed beyond certain limit, the pulp inside the root canal becomes inflamed or infected. The infected pulp has to be cleaned and medicated with a biocompatible material to hinder the further progress of the infection... If it is left untreated it can lead to life threatening situations like cellulitis, abscess or even facial space infections.

How many visits is usually needed for rct?

It solely depends upon the severity and the extent of infection. A tooth with mild damage usually needs 2-3 visits, whereas in case of severe infection, it may take up to 4 visits. Make sure not to skip your appointments, because that may end up in mid treatment flare ups.

How much Root Canal Treatment cost ?

Root Canal Treatment can be performed at a nominal range from rs.2000/- - rs.5000/-. Root canal therapy is a better option when compared to the Root canal treatment cost of extraction followed by an implant or bridge to replace the extracted tooth.

Signs indicating the need for rct?

Wide range of patients reports with pain. Apart from pain there are also other signs, such as sensitivity to hot or cold, discomfort while chewing, discoloration of the tooth and swelling of gingival tissues and nearby bone. However, sometimes the tooth may be asymptomatic but still it may be in need for Root canal treatment.

If the tooth is dead why it does hurts?

A sequence of events takes place following infection and inflammation of the root canal and the surrounding structures. These events causes the release of local pain mediators which causes uneventful pain and discomfort. The pain will subside only when the offending root canal is cleaned and medicated. Main indicator of the pulp being dead is colour change.

Can all teeth be treated by RCT?

Most of the teeth can be treated effectively by RCT in Madurai. Some exceptions to this are when a tooth has root canals that are in accessible, the root that is severely fractured, when the tooth doesn’t have adequate bone support. However, with advances in endodontics it is possible to save teeth by doing various endodontic surgeries.

Will i feel pain during or after the procedure?

We ensure that the whole procedure is done with the utmost care and technical precision. Our goal is to make the procedure as comfortable and stress free as possible.With modern techniques and anaesthetics, most patients report that they are very comfortable during the procedure. For the first few days after Root canals of all teeth treatment , your tooth may feel sensitive, especially if there was pain or infection before the procedure. This discomfort is relieved with some medications. Follow our post-procedure instructions carefully and you will definitely have a speedy recovery.

Can i take antibiotics and skip root canal therapy?

Antibiotics are helpful in reducing the amount of infection in tooth, but it is only a temporary relief... The infection will not subside until the affected root canal is cleaned and medicated via endodontic therapy.

Is extraction a better alternative to rct?

Definitely not. One alternative to a root canal is to extract the infected tooth. But we encourage patients to save the natural teeth whenever possible. Having your teeth pulled can lead to the loss of bone density in your jaw, especially if the missing tooth is not replaced soon after it was extracted. The loss of bone density can affect your facial structure and make you appear older than you are. A root canal treatment in madurai allows you to keep your original tooth and avoid extraction. Additionally, a Root canal treatment cost in Madurai is cheaper compared to the cost of extraction followed by an implant or bridge to replace the tooth.

Does a root canal weaken my tooth?

Removing the inner section of the tooth weakens the overall structure of the tooth. But it can be reinforced with dental restorations, such as an onlay or dental crown. We will provide the right treatment to ensure the strength of your tooth after the root canals in teeth treatment is complete.

What happens after my root canal treatment?

After your root canal treatment in madurai you should feel able to resume your normal schedule. You should avoid chewing or biting with the damaged tooth until you receive a permanent filling or crown if you have a temporary filling. If the infection was beyond the pulp before your root canal, you may have to take antibiotics.

Your dentist will take an x-ray to confirm the absence of infection when you return to the office. You will receive a permanent crown at that time. You may require a smaller supporting post that can be inserted within the chamber for stabilizing the permanent crown if the tooth was damaged badly.

With regular brushing, flossing and dental cleanings, a tooth repaired with root canal therapy can last a lifetime. The likelihood of saving it can be reduced with the delay in the initial treatment of the damaged tooth.

Do i need a crown after root canal treatment?

Every patient asks this question to the dentist at least once during their treatment a root canal treatment is complete only after placing a permanent crown. A root canal treated tooth without a crown mimics a house without a roof the crown acts as a shield and protects the tooth from further damage and maintains the efficiency and function of the tooth.

What is the benefit of rct?

One of the biggest benefits of root canal treatment in madurai is that it gets rid of pain and infection and preserves the teeth in the mouth. The root canal relieves pressure from inflammation in the pulp of the tooth and within a day or two after treatment, patients can get back to their normal lifestyle activities.

What are the different kind of rct?

RCT in Madurai are of different types based on advancement. It can be further categorised as

We at Zaara Dental Clinic in Madurai have the best endodontic machines which are the best in India, right from Rotary machines to laser machines to give you pain free and a sterile rct’s which we stand unique and are the best in Madurai.